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We were awarded the tenth batch of the provincial level one

Date:2015-12-23 09:50 Author:Likai Tec

    Warm congratulations on Shandong Li Kai Electronic Technology Co。, Ltd。 special material NC line cutting technology research and development center was small and medium enterprises in Shandong Province Bureau identified as provincial tenth installment of "enterprise technology R & D center。
    According to province bureau "on the opinion" the relevant requirements of 2015, the province's small and medium enterprises working arrangement, recommended by municipalities, examination and expert review committee, Province Bureau identified 103 Shandong Li Kai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. and other enterprises as provincial "enterprise technology R & D center, and promulgated.
    My company through the combination of research and independent innovation, research and development capabilities and levels continue to improve, in the field of multi line cutting machine and manufacturing, processing technology, the original and mastered a number of technical know-how, greatly enhancing the company's market competitiveness。
    In future work, our company will according to "to speed up the establishment of enterprises as the main body, the market as the guidance, the combination of technical innovation system actively establish and perfect for market development topic, oriented to integrate social resources, to provide services for the industry of open technology innovation operation mechanism, further increase investment in research and development, and constantly improve the R & D facilities, strengthen cooperation, improve the success rate of enterprise innovation capability and achievements, to promote the development of small and medium enterprises in our province public entrepreneurship, innovation and peoples' play a leading role in the demonstration!


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